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Gaboon's Daymare
published by
Tobias Tak, July 2011
Paperback, A4
68 pages, printed
in black and white
and colour.

£ 11.00
within the UK £1.99
Europe £2.99
USA £3.99

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An Egg-citing Tale

Mr. Moron goes Shopping

'Gaboon's Daymare'

is the new book of collected short stories by Tobias Tak, the follow-up to "Upside Down".
Here are various stories in different drawing styles but all with Tobias' usual surreal fairy tale themes, created between 2003 and 2011 for various publications.
A new series of drawings, made especially for this book, presents a dark and original take on classic Nursery Rhymes like "Humpty Dumpty" and "Old King Cole".
Gaboon the clumsy wizard – a regular character of Tobias' comics – is now encountering the strange Poompele,
a mean little guy in charge of Gaboon's dreams. In "Gaboon's Daymare", Poompele has some weird dreams on offer, like the story of Mister More-On, who goes on a peculiar shopping spree; and a tale about a strange dog who actually looks more like a fish, in a world of pretention and snobbery; or a short story starring Piff the prancing pixie, who is in desperate need of an audience for his awful dance routines. Eventually Gaboon and Poompele encounter the terrible dream-eater who threatens to trap them in a nasty
'day-mare' forever….

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