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  What others say about Tobias Tak:

‘A unique and surreal drawing style...’  
Robert Crumb

'As an artist I'm always on the lookout for colleagues who are unashamedly themselves, original, and who tell their own story; Tobias' comics convinced me from the start. When I'm tired of the mainstream I retire with the wondrous characters created by Tobias Tak.’ 
Joost Swarte

‘Great stuff! I love the way Tobias draws and the characters are all very funny as well. Great wacky dialogue too! And Klazeena’s passion for polka dots really cracked me up...’   
Peter Bagge

‘A visionary style…’
Paul Gravett (Comics Journal)

'... playfully surreal and downright magical,Tobias Tak's "Don't Forget to Remember" is suitable for framing.'
Travalanche (Archive for the Comics/Cartoon Art Category, about Pood 1)

'The color put their resources to good especially Tobias' dreamy, cyclical strip, which has no start or end panel- it's Winsor McCay with a touch of Brendan McCarthy'
BB Alternative Review Group, issue 143. (About Pood 1)

‘Tobias Tak's "Gardenia” is a success visually as he takes refuge in a Victorian style of drawing, and early century advertising artwork. This combination makes a nifty looking comic strip wrapped in an odd story about a floating flower seed.’
Dana Tillusz (

One of the two exceptional tales in this issue is cartoonist Tobias Tak’s fabulous “Gardenia”. What begins as sort of a late 19th/early 20th century fairy tale (like The Wizard Oz) becomes a comic book homage to 1940’s Film-Noir cinema, complete with a Robert Mitchum-like lead.’
Leroy Douresseaux (The Comic Book Bin)

‘Tobias Tak created a beautifully crafted tale, ‘Klazeena goes Polka Dotty’, reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland …. highly entertaining and utterly exceptional in every way.’
Joost Pollmann (de Volkskrant, NL)

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