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'Zizmo Eats Food'
published in Pood 4
by BIG IF comics,
edited by Geoff Grogan, Kevin Mutch and Alex Rader.

The tale continues with Zizmo encountering Madame la Marquise Fridoline de Parabou von Schlampenhausen. Zizmo tricks her into believing he is her fairy godmother, in order to get a good meal out of her. He promises to get her a ball gown, but in reality doesn't know how. Suddenly a nasty goblin appears on the dining table. In exchange for some food the little fellow conjures up a beautiful gown for la Marquise, but the garment needs to be returned before midnight. When Zizmo fails to deliver the dress on time he receives a gruesome punishment! (The story will continue in Pood 5)

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