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'The House of Pamplemousse'

This long story is starring main characters Gaboon the Wizard, his leading lady Schlenzy, and the nasty witch Mombah. Gaboon gets trapped in the mysterious House of Pamplemousse, where every visitor has to solve a riddle in order to be able to leave the "House" again. But whoever fails to do so, will have to stay there forever and ever... Gaboon meets Siso from Atem, who sometimes appears as an owl, and sometimes as a cat. Siso grants Gaboon four chances to solve his riddle: of four little doors, each one leads to one of the four seasons. So Gaboon's first nightmarish adventure starts in Springtime. But will he find the answer there??....

The book is written as an archetypal fairy tale, and there are various underlying themes explored in the story: the eternal changes in nature, as in the four seasons, are reflected in the ever-changing nature of the mysterious Siso. Gaboon himself also undergoes various transformations as he looks for the answer to the riddle. The one unchanging element in the story is the idea of true love which always survives, leading eventually to the riddle's solution.

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