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Federico García Lorca.'

To be published in January 2017 by Scratchbooks, Amsterdam. Edited by Hansje Joustra, Wiebe Mokken and Irene Kunst. The book will be designed by Cyril Koopmeiners with assistance and advice by Joost Swarte.

This is a graphic reworking in full colour of Lorca's stunning and exceptional poems.
Federico García Lorca is possibly Spain's most celebrated poet and playwright. His poems are known for their passion, vitality, yearning and strong imagery. In 1928 he published 'Canciones', which he described as an ode to Andalucia, with 'gypsies, horses, archangels, planets, its Jewish and Roman breezes, rivers, crimes, the everyday touch of the smuggler and the celestial note of the naked children of Córdoba'.

Tobias has created a visual link between twenty Canciones: fantastical creatures and animals take the reader on a magical journey through the landscape of Lorca's spellbinding poems.

The book will have an introduction written by professor Christopher Maurer (Boston). Apart from having translated various works by Lorca, prof. Maurer is the editor of García Lorca's 'Collected Poems' and 'Selected Verse', and he recently edited 'Streets and Dreams', a digital humanities project mapping Lorca's movements in New York (1929-30) and co-curated the exhibition 'Back Tomorrow: Lorca, Poet in New York' at the New York public library.


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