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‘Pimple Puzzle’, was the first comic Tobias ever drew at the tender age of eight. Pimple was accompanied by his dog Throw-away on his adventures through a surreal and magical world, a theme which would manifest itself in all of his later work. While still in high school Tobias created the characters of Gaboon the Wizard and his glamorous companion Schlenzy, who both starred in adventures designed to entertain his sister Elise, his brother Marten and various other friends.

Tobias then entered the Royal College of Art in The Hague from which he graduated five years later. Some of the more old fashioned teachers told him that ‘comics are not art’ and that one should stay well away from them. So Tobias continued drawing the exploits of Gaboon and Schlenzy in secret.

Soon after graduating from art school his first comics were published in the underground cult magazine ‘Talent’ (also known as ‘Tante Leny’), but at this time Tobias had already started another career as a jazz and tap dancer, singer and choreographer. During the following years, while hoofing on the stages of the U.S.A and Europe, he continued creating his cartoony friends, but it was not until 1999 that he started dedicating most of his time to drawing again. The following year the 16 page story ‘Klazeena goes Polka Dotty’ was published in the Dutch art magazine ‘Wormhole’.

In mid air during a plane journey to Barcelona, Tobias met comic artist Lorna Miller, who encouraged him to continue drawing stories and offered him a guest spot in her magazine ‘Witch’, for which Tobias created a five page comic entitled ‘Furry Tale’.

In 2003 Tobias’ first book of collected stories was published under the title ‘Upside Down’ and soon after that his work got noticed by editor Danny Hellman who invited him to participate in his publication ‘Legal Action Comics, Part Two’. Later that year, Tobias was asked to create stories for the new Fantagraphics anthology Blood Orange and his work appeared in issues 1,2 and 4. Currently Tobias is working two long stories: ‘The Land Behind the Mirror’ and 'The House of Pamplemousse', which both once again takes place in the fantastical world of the wizard Gaboon.

Since then, Tobias' comics have been published in magazines such as Pood, Hotwire, LeGun, Comix Reader, Bare Bones and Typhon. His new book of collected short stories 'Gaboon's Daymare' has been released in September 2011.